Markilux 3300

The Markilux 3300 patio awning is of the very highest quality with a complete one-piece cassette and an arm extension up to a huge 4.00 meters. The   3300  presents a traditional squared off one-piece cassette shape which is available in eight powder-coated colours as standard including the latest metallic finishes.

The sleek Markilux 3300 awning shape and large potential size (up to 13.90m wide  X 3.50m extension ) makes it suitable for installation on sites where design requirements exceed cost consideration.

The model is available in smaller sizes as a  manual awning or with electric configuration in the larger sizes  and can be fitted with a climate control system reacting to sun or wind stimuli.

If required the awning can be installed into a pre prepared recess in which case you should request the “PUR” version.

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