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Shop Awnings – Deans are the UK’s leading supplier and manufacturer


Deans – the original manufacturer of Shop Awnings

The classic Victorian-style shop awnings or blinds were first created and manufactured in the 1890s by John Dean, the founder of Deans. The awning proved incredibly popular and it is known today as the Deans Awning and its popularity has remained timeless. The design has remained true to the original (it is a classic for a reason), but some things have changed. We now use far more resilient materials and we are also totally focused on ensuring our materials come from sustainable sources.

Since the 1890s, Deans has continued to grow and is now the UK’s largest commercial manufacturer and supplier of Shop awnings. We offer an extensive range of awning solutions that are suitable for both traditional or contemporary shops. Our most popular solutions include the classic Deans Awning, as well as, other high street favourites like a Classic Dutch Canopy, The Greenwich® Awning, the Marlesbury Awning. For contemporary solutions The Kenley, and The Deans Classic are rectractable awnings operated by the flick of a switch.

We work with leading Shop design companies or directly with Shop owners. We have a talented team of designers who understand all the key considerations to ensure your bespoke Shop awning is perfect. From detailed specifications, your awning is hand-crafted by our workshop. Each member of our team is a highly skilled craftsman, they are hugely experienced in the bespoke manufacture of high-quality Shop awnings.

6 key considerations when choosing Shop Awnings

Bespoke Shop Awnings by Deans

1. Design & Styling

The design and styling of a Shop exterior is such an important element. The choice of Shop awning is central to creating a Shop’s look, feel and identity. Our talented and experienced design team who are skilled at working with or collaborating with Shop design agencies or we can work independently to produce your Shop awning solution. On request, we can provide detailed 3D-modelling and also supply fabric samples. For grade-listed buildings in conservation areas and can provide detailed drawings for planning permission.

Shop Awnings by Deans for Savills

2. Independents, Flagships & Chains

As the leading manufacturer and supplier of awnings we undertake projects of all sizes and scale. Whether it’s a High Street Independent, Flagship Store or UK-wide retail chain, our process remains focused on delivering a high quality shop awnings. Each customer is different, independent high street retailers require collaboration and imagination, Flagship stores require the professionalism, precision and quality, whereas a retail chain requires reliability, scaleability to deliver brand consistency across all its stores. All our shop awning solutions are robust and can withstand up to Beaufort Scale 8 winds. We also provide customers with email alerts for ‘Amber & Red Weather Warnings’.

Shop Awnings by Deans for North Face

3. Branding

Branding is an important part of a shop’s visual identity. Our design team have worked on or collaborated with interior design agencies on many prestigious retail awning projects. They have great flair and understanding about what works best in terms of enhancing your store. As part of our total design solution, we have our RAGS® pattern printing. This cutting‑edge system takes design to a new level and can totally transform your approach to awning design.

Shop Awnings by Deans with retractable fascia

4. Precision, Expertise & Craftsmanship

Each shop awning project has its own unique parameters. These parameters include the area to be covered and the shape of the building exterior. Sometimes we need to be innovate and modify the awning itself. Projects always start with an extensive survey and from this we produce detailed drawings and specifications. Each awning we manufacture is hand-crafted with a level of precision that comes from years of experience. The finished shop awning is then installed by our expert team of fitters. They are fully briefed to ensure a smooth operation and minimal disruption to customers.

Shop Awnings by Deans for Starbucks

5. Quality Materials, Resilience & Sustainability

To manufacture quality shop awnings, Deans use high-grade hardwood timber to manufacture our housings. The arms and brackets are steel-forged to exact specifications including any curvature. To provide an additional level of resilience, metalwork is powder-coated, all timber-work is hand-treated and fabrics are solution-dyed to maintain resistance. All these processes increase your shop awning’s life span. Sustainability is also important to Deans. We try to ensure all our materials come from a sustainable source. We have a dedicated Environmental Manager and their role is to ensure all staff adhere to of our environmental policy, both at work and on site.

Shop Awnings by Deans for Zimmermann

6. Wide Range & Customisation

Deans have an extensive product range that provides great choice to retailers. Our solutions include retractable awnings, fixed awnings, free-standing, fixed modular systems, cafe barriers and heaters – the choice is wide. Our awnings are also totally customisable. For the box, we offer a variety of wood stain colours and finishes. The awning cloth and metalwork can be matched to any RAL colour. Our pattern printing allows total design freedom. There is also the option of adding a stylish valance or finials.

Shop Awnings – Featured Project

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