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Terrace Awnings Solutions for Outdoor Dining Areas & Pub Gardens

Deans – the UK’s Leading Terrace Awning Supplier & Manufacturer

Terrace awnings have become increasingly popular with restaurants, pubs and bars looking to maximise their outdoor space for customers. The relaxation of laws regarding outdoor dining seem to indicate that street dining is here to stay. With that in mind, Deans have a wide range of terrace awning solutions that allow you to maximise your outdoor seating options.

Our Pratic Terrace Awning System can be fixed (wall mounted) or modular and can be expanded to cover even the largest of spaces. It has a fully retractable roof that can be fitted with transparent screens for increased intimacy. It can handle rain and wind speeds of up to Beaufort scale force 8, providing a robust all-weather solution. An alternative outdoor terrace system is the stylish Pratic Opera. Its eye-catching framework can be free standing or wall-mounted and again, it offers excellent protection from the elements. The other modular system we offer is the Markilux Back To Back Terrace Awning. This model has a free standing single framework, from which different elements can be connected.

Deans also offer a number of other more traditional fixed solutions, that also provide excellent coverage to your outdoor space. The Deans Classic Retractable and The Kenley Commercial Retractable are both elegant solutions that can be opened and closed by remote-operation. There is also the sleek but strong Markilux Commercial Pergola, which offers an impressive 6 metres coverage.

Accessories for Terrace Awning systems

Deans also provide essential accessories for our terrace awning systems, like outdoor heaters, cafe barriers and jumbrellas.

Cafe barriers not only act as a windbreak, they help mark out the space of the establishment, while also providing an excellent opportunity for branding your restaurant or bar at street level. We can produce designs from your own artwork or create bespoke designs for you using our bespoke RAGS® branding process. The posts come in number of styles and finishes. Deans also provide the option of glass or aluminium screens if desired.

We also have Jumbrellas, which are giant parasols that come in different sizes and styles. They can be round or square shapes and sizes vary from 3 metres up to a massive 7 metres across. The Jumbrella is excellent for providing a more informal solution to al fresco dining. They can be installed into lockable ground sockets or on to moveable, weighted stands.

Adding infra-red heaters to your terrace awning system can enhance and lengthen the time your customers can spend outside. Deans supply directional infra-red heaters that use up to 30% less energy than gas or quartz radiating heaters. Lastly, lighting solutions can be connected to most awning systems. We fit low voltage LED type to give maximum output for minimum power consumption.

Terrace Awnings – 5 key factors in choosing the best options

Awnings for Terraces & Outdoor Areas by Deans

1. Size

It is important to choose a suitable terrace awning system to maximise the area you want to cover. Modular systems like Pratic Terrace Awning System, allows you a degree of flexibility and can be easily extended. For fixed solutions, you need to work out the optimum distance of coverage from your structure. In terms of coverage, the Markilux Commercial Pergola can cover from 3 metres to an impressive 6 metres.

Awnings for Terraces & Outdoor Areas by Deans Blinds

2. Modular or Fixed?

Choosing between a modular solution or a fixed solution for your terrace relates to the space and your building. Modular systems can be fixed or free standing and are the ideal solution for larger areas because they can be easily extended. Free standing terrace awning solutions, like the Pratic Opera are stylish and robust and have a horizontal roof vane system, that will automatically rotate in relation to providing shade from the sun. Fixed modular solutions will use the building structure as the main support.

Terrace Awnings by Deans for Harvester Salad & Grill

3. Branding

Your terrace area is an excellent space and opportunity to showcase your brand. Most terraced areas utilise cafe barriers to create zones and also to work as windbreaks. When it comes to styling the cafe barrier, our design team can work to any design supplied or create one. The possibilities for creativity are unlimited with our RAGS® pattern system. again, for fixed terrace awnings, we can collaborate with a design team or let us create an eye-catching design.

Awnings for Terraces & Outdoor Areas by Deans Binds

4. Accessories

Making the outdoor dining experience more enjoyable can be enhance by accessories. Deans offer a full set of accessories and options that can improve the experience. We have transparent screens that can create more intimate spaces. Lighting can be added to any terrace awning system to further improve the styling. We also supply infra-red heaters to keep customers warm when the temperature drops.

Awnings for Terraces & Outdoor Areas by Deans

5. Weather

The British weather is one of the key considerations for terrace awnings. Trying to ensure an all weather outdoor experience through the seasons is key to maximising your potential. The Pratic Terrace Awning has a retractable roof to provide shade when needed. All our terrace awning solutions are robust, the Pratic Terrace Awning System and the Pratic Opera can handle wind speeds of 8 on the Beaufort scale. Cafe Barriers offer excellent windbreak protection and infra-red heaters can ensure perfect dining or drinking during the winter months.

Terrace Awnings – Featured Project

Did you know Deans manufactured the first ever commercial awning in 1894

John Dean founded Deans Awnings in the 1890s. He pioneered the original commercial awning design, the Deans Awning, which has continued to maintain its popularity for 130 years. The Deans Awning was an instant success with traders and retailers and the design has remained with only changes to materials and finishes.

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