Pratic Nomo all weather awning

The Pratic NOMO all weather awning has been developed in Italy especially for use in situations where there is a need for flexible covered areas and Deans are accredited UK installers and distributors.  The standard finish to the aluminium is Anthracite Grey, though alternative shades are available at extra cost. The fabric recommended is Ferrari Pre-Constraint in white or cream.

The Pratic NOMO is a complete custom made pergola with integrated retractable awning for sun, rain and windy conditions with the only exception being snowfall.  The awning itself exceeds CEN class 3 standards and will withstand wind speeds up to force 10 on the Beaufort scale when extended. The NOMO all weather awning comprises a powder coated aluminium structure with a retractable stable PVC roof section running on aluminium tracks. The cover is tensioned via a toothed belt containing stainless steel cables which resist saline environments. The tensile strength of the cables is in excess of 890 KG.

The structure also has the latest in cutting edge design optional features including integrated vertical Raso blinds and stunning LED lighting The screens may be motorized. NOMO all weather awning is also available in the freestanding, wall or coupled module versions, where the latter is a solution that offers considerable advantages in terms of optimization of the materials used, with clear reduction of assembly time and an absolutely essential image. Each module can reach maximum size of 700 x 550 cm.

Nomo’s exclusive quality is the result of five patents, ensuring efficiency and innovation. Functional, thanks to motorized movement, the unit adapts to any type of setting, private or public.

Like all the Pratic proposals, the NOMO is made with great attention to detail: it can be equipped with LED perimeter lights or dimmable LED Lines installed on the sections, accessories that make it possible to create striking environments in which to live all year round Motorisation / Remote Control comprising of 1 x 220 Volt / 218 Watt + 218 Watt motor reducer with a microchip that powers the motors and controls the canvas tension c/w a radio command (433.92 MHz), multi-channel emitter, thus enabling you to operate the  awning remotely. Fireproof fabric to CL2 (UNI EN 13773).

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