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A Guide to our Bespoke Awnings

Deans - Hovarda - 2no. Greenwich - 2
Deans - Dawkes Music - RIB Bespoke Canopy 02
Sloane Square, Eyelid canopies - Deans, 2
Deans - Dawkes Music - RIB Bespoke Canopy 02
Deans - Dawkes Music - RIB Bespoke Canopy 02

Deans are the UK’s bespoke awning specialists

Deans are the awning specialists. We design, manufacture and supply bespoke awnings across the UK. We have an extensive range of solutions for commercial customers, such as high street shops, flagship stores, restaurants, brasseries, cafes, pubs, bars, hotels and shopping outlets. Each product in our awning and canopy range is hand-built to a client’s bespoke specifications. We have invested in specialist awning techniques that allow customisation to be taken to the limits.

When it comes to choice of style for your bespoke awning, we offer custom-made solutions in a wide variety of awning styles from traditional style awnings to contemporary solutions. Our most popular traditional solutions include the classic Deans Awning, Classic Dutch Canopy, Greenwich® Awning, Marlesbury Awning. When it comes to contemporary awning solutions, a popular choice is The Kenley or The Deans Classic, which are both retractable awnings that are operated by remote control.

Custom-built bespoke awnings from design to installation

At Deans, we are experts at producing quality bespoke awnings. Every awning project is unique and present a different set of challenges, that need to be taken into consideration.

Initially, we conduct a full site survey. The survey takes into account any structural or architectural needs, as well as taking detailed measurements. We use the measurements to produce detailed technical drawings. With regard to the design stage, our in-house team can either work independently or they can collaborate with architects, design studios or directly with the business owner.

The next stage is the custom manufacture your bespoke awning to your exact specifications. The detailed design drawings are signed off and sent to our London Workshop. Each bespoke awning is hand-crafted by our specialist awning team. We use only sustainably sourced timber for boxes and canvas for the cloth. Your custom-made awning then receives a weather-resistance treatment to improve durability and strength. The finished awning is then ready to be installed by our expert installation team, who will ensure your bespoke canopy is fitted to the correct specifications.

What makes a Bespoke Awning?

1. Design & Styling

The design and styling of a an awning is totally bespoke. Each project is unique and our talented and experienced design team who are skilled at working with or collaborating with design agencies or we can work independently to produce your bespoke awning solution. On request, we can provide detailed 3D-modelling and also supply fabric samples. For grade-listed buildings in conservation areas and can provide detailed drawings for planning permission.

2. Architecture

What makes every bespoke awning project unique is the building or facia it is to be fitted against. In planning the build for your specialist awning, we have to conduct a full survey taking into account any curvature and obstructions. From these detailed drawings we then hand-manufacture the awnings, taking into account the technical considerations. The end product is a totally bespoke awning that will fit perfectly to its surroundings.

3. Branding

Branding is obviously totally unique to each client. Your brand is your visual identity and is a chance to distinguish yourself from rivals and improve your appeal to customers. Our design team have great flair and understanding about what works best in terms of enhancing your store. Using our RAGS® branding system, we match colours for your logo, ident or text. We also offer gilt options in gold and silver, as well as a hand-painted gold finish.

4. Specification

Some projects can throw up challenges that need a bespoke solution. It could be the shape of the building exterior or some other key factor. The first stage of any project is a full survey, where structural requirements and precise measurements are taken. These measurements are a key part of the manufacturing process, which is all hand-crafted to a level of precision that comes from years of experience. The finished commercial awning is then ready to be installed by our expert team of fitters.

cafe barriers by Deans for Harvester

5. Materials

Every bespoke awning is manufactured using quality materials that offer a huge variety of choice. We use high-grade hardwood timber for all our housings which can be matched to the colour of your choice including paint company references. Likewise, the arms and brackets are steel-forged and then powder-coated to any specified RAL colour. The powder-coating also provides added resilience. when it comes to the cloth, we have a wide range of stock colours or we can use our ‘LivingColor’ printer to match any solid colour referece, create patterns, the possibilities are endless. Sustainability is also important to Deans. To enable this, we try to ensure all our materials come from a sustainable source and we also have a dedicated Environmental Manager who’s role is to ensure all staff adhere to of our environmental policy, both at work and on site.

canopies Sainsbury's

6. Options

A bespoke awning is also defined by the choice of options that are available throughout the design process. Firstly there is the choice of awning, traditional or contemporary? Do you want a valance and if so, what style and length? That is just the start, you can also choose whether it is retractable or fixed, manually operated or remote control. Some awnings can also be embellished with ornate finials. All these choices make your awning unique and that is before we even take into account the branding and the colour of fabric, metalwork and timber.

Specialist Awning – Featured Project

Did you know Deans manufactured the first ever commercial awning in 1894

John Dean founded Deans Awnings in the 1890s. His original commercial awning design, the Deans Awning, was an instant success with traders and retailers. 130 years later and its timeless appeal remains as strong as ever, the only changes being made to the materials and finishes.

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