Markilux 700 small window canopy

The  Markilux 700 series is a drop arm  awning system of light weight but extraordinary strength because of its triangular layout. The M700 series sunblind will suit smaller patio windows where maximum shade is required to reduce heat gain or prevent fading.

The mechanics of this  sunblind are contained within a white aluminium casing and the arms are able to drop through 120 degrees so that virtually the whole window can be covered.

The Markilux M700 awnings series is very successful when used on conservatories where the installation of internal blinds has little effect on heat reduction. Even when only some of the windows on a conservatory are protected by an exterior blind the heat reduction is considerable.

So, if you really want to cool the conservatory, Deans Markilux 700 series patio sunblind is likely to be your solution.

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