Markilux 1650

The Markilux 1650 patio awning with lights  is of the very highest quality awnings with integrated lights in the front profile.

The conventional, if such a term can be used with this Model 1650 patio awning innovation, is the installation of lights. Lights have  been within the cassette previously but Markilux awnings , with typical practical foresight, have seen a potential but very real, difficulty with this strategy.

Awnings are usually used on nice days and on nice days one would expect the windows to be open. Markilux realised that installing the lights in the cassette would attract the insects, which are inevitably attracted to light, to buzz their irritating way around the cassette and inevitably through the open windows. 

Mounting the lights on the Markilux 1650 awning front profile of course has the opposite effect and draws the bugs away from the house whilst producing a pleasant downward glow just where you want it on your guests and not just down the wall.

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