Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an awning outside – won’t inside blinds or curtains protect my furnishings?
Yes, they will. But you won’t be able to see the lovely day outside and the awning will reduce the heat gain inside your home.

How do you build a Dutch Canopy?
This is a specialist product requiring custom equipment and really should be sourced from a reputable awning company.

How to buy awnings?
Advice can be found on this web site or by calling us on 020 8947 8931.

Where do I buy a patio awning?
On this site you will find every type imaginable.

Where do I find a patio awning company?
You can look at the BBSA web site or just go straight to the manufacturers Deans Blinds.

Who makes the best awnings?
The BBSA will have a number of reputable suppliers on their site but Deans Blinds and Awnings are the most established and offer great value.

How do I take down a shop front awning?
This will depend on the type of product – seek advice by calling us – it could be dangerous.

How much are sun canopies?
This is a difficult question as the size and specification can make a huge difference but anything from £500 to £5000- call us on 020 8947 8931 for advice.

How much do shop awnings cost?
This is a difficult question as the size and specification can make a huge difference – call us on 020 8947 8931 for advice. Graphics can also make a difference but you should budget for at least £1500.

How much is the Markilux 6000?
Prices range from £1800.00.

What is the delivery on an awning?
Usually between 4 to 6 weeks depending on the time of year.

What is the strongest wind an awning can take?
Generally awnings are rated to Class 2 on the European CE level which is a quite low 24 KPH. You should always have a wind control device fitted to a conventional awning and never leave it out if storms are expected. Alternatively Deans manufacture and install all weather awnings which can be used in wind speeds up to Force 10 on the Beaufort scale (+80KPH) These awnings can be found on this web site or call 020 8947 8931 for more information.

What is an electric awning?
Traditionally awnings worked manually with a gear winder but today most awnings are controlled remotely via a wireless electric switch. The motors are concealed within the awning roller.

What is a sun blind?
This is used to control solar gain or create shade.

Can you put a patio canopy on a conservatory?
Yes you can – we have different types of canopies and awnings for conservatories this link will show you more.

What is the best awning?
They really depend on the use so ask us for more advice – we can visit site to provide a free quotation.

Where to buy domestic awnings?
We have a range of domestic awnings which can be found on this web site – use the search box at the top of each page.

Which awning should I buy?
This depends on the application and what you want from your awning which could be for domestic or commercial use – have a look around this website then call 020 8947 8931 for advice.

Who sells Markilux in the UK?
Deans are a main approved Markilux awning supplier and installer.

What is the best awning company?
Deans Blinds and Awnings without doubt.

What awning should I buy?
That very much depends on the application and the window but it should extend past the window opening by at least 200mm (8 inches) if possible. The projection depends upon how much of your patio you want to cover but generally the maximum projection will be about 500mm (20 inches) less than the width.

A maximum projection of 3500mm (140 inches) is recommended.. The amount of shade you get will vary with the time of year.

Does my wall need to be specially prepared or can an awning be fitted be fitted to any surface?
The awning will be fitted with substantial bolts, drill size 10/12mm (1/2 inch), so the wall needs to be in good condition. Deans surveyor will check it out to make sure and most problems can be overcome by using special plates to spread the load or chemical fixings to bind together a suspect area. Sometimes special extension brackets may be required – especially on bungalows or single storey extensions.

At what height should an awning be fitted?
The higher the awning can be fitted the greater the pitch and the stronger it will be but you should try to obtain at least a 10 degree angle.

Can I fit an awning myself?
Our awnings are all of a commercial standard and require expert installation. Some lightweight awnings which can be purchased on the web may suit a DIY installation but Deans installers are all manufacturer trained in both the technical and safety aspects of installation . Incorrectly installed awnings may be dangerous.

What sort of wind loads will my awning withstand?
Patio awnings are specifically intended as providers of shade and are not to be left out in windy conditions. Awnings will withstand a surprising amount of wind and rain – as can be seen on many UK High Streets – but they are not all designed for this sort of application. We recommend the use of automatic wind sensors for all awnings. We do have certain products from the Pratic range which can withstand wind speeds up to Force 10 on the Beaufort scale.

Yes but how much wind will the awning stand?
In controlled environments awnings can stand wind speeds of 50 MPH or more but in the natural environment the wind gusts and can change direction rapidly making it unpredictable. As a rule of thumb if you are comfortable to be sitting outside then the awning is likely to be perfectly safe. The greater the pitch (slope) of the awning the greater resistance to wind it will have.

Can I leave my awning out in the rain?
You may leave the awning out in light rain and your awning may well save the day in a shower affected barbecue but you should not allow water to pool on the cover and, if you have to retract it whilst still wet then open the awning to allow it to dry as soon as possible.

What advice would you give if I want an awning to be useable in windy conditions?
We suggest you look at the Pratic all weather awning system which has been tested up to Force 10 on the Beaufort scale.

What do I do with my awning in the winter?
Just leave it where it is – it will come to no harm. You may wish to slide off the removable valance but may be surprised at how much you want to use it in the winter especially when the sun is low. Do not operate your awning if it is frozen shut nor allow snow to accumulate on it.

I want advice on motorising my awning.
Whilst awnings are easy to operate with the standard winding handle it is so much easier to just press a switch, activate the remote or just let the automatic function take over. So many electrical options are available that there is bound to be one that suits you. Power draw is very low and a normal 13 amp supply is sufficient.

Which patio awning?
Deans Blinds and Awnings can supplier all leading makes of patio awnings and will provide the correct advice.

Who makes the best patio awnings?
Deans Blinds and Awnings UK Ltd are acknowledged as the leaders in this field.

How much are patio awnings?
The price range is quite wide depending on size and specification. On average the cost of a properly installed patio awning will start in the £1000.00 price range – but the sky is the limit if you want all the wonderful auto features now available.

Can an awning be repaired or recovered?
The frame is made from powder coated aluminium so it will last a very long time and stay looking good if you just wash it down with soapy water occasionally. Deans use solution dyed rot proof polyester fabrics for the covers which are uv and soil resistant view the colours here Deans Blinds and Awnings – Sunvas awning fabrics.