Awnings by Deans Blinds – Choosing the Best Awning by Application

Awnings are available in many shapes and styles, that offer both practical and stylistic differences. This guide breaks down our range by application and provides useful advice to customers looking for a specific awning solution. Each awning application page will show the most popular products for that usage eg. shop, restaurant or garden terrace. The page also highlights other considerations that will help you to make an informed decision.

At Deans, we try to ensure that all our customers make a good choice. Our team know everything there is to know about awnings, from manufacturing materials, weather-proof, rain-resistant, retracting options, modular systems, customisation options and finishes. These awning application pages open up that knowledge database and provide a great platform for buying the best suited awning product for your need.

Getting your choice of awning correct

Sometimes there are external factors that play a role in what awning is best suited. An example of this relates to conservation areas, where planning permission is a requirement. Over the years, we have taken the lead on a client’s behalf with known solutions that tick all the heritage boxes like the Deans Awning.

Another area where practicalities need to be taken into consideration for awning choice is the actual structure of the building. Many buildings have curvature that potentially rules out certain awning choices. Obviously, Deans awnings are hand-built to bespoke specifications that take into consideration irregular shapes to the buildings fascia. There is also the awning operation. Do you want a fixed awning or a retractable awning, and if it is retractable, do you want it to remote-operation or even be fitted with smart technology to automatically retract. These are only a few examples of decision-making areas that you may not be initially aware of, there are many more detailed in the links below.