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Restaurant Awning Specialists – bespoke design and manufacture

Deans – the UK’s leading supplier of awnings for Restaurants

Deans are the UK’s leading supplier of awnings for restaurants. We have a wide range of products for all styles of restaurant. If looks count, our classic The Deans Awning or the The Greenwich® Awning will make a stunning first impression. These traditional awnings instantly add a touch of glamour to your restaurant frontage.

Al fresco dining has grown in popularity as restaurants look to increase the amount of customers they can facilitate. Deans are hugely experienced at creating perfect outdoor dining setting. Our team can transform your frontage, terrace or garden into a first class dining area. Our al fresco dining solutions include fixed or retractable awnings, free-standing modular systems and essential accessories like cafe barriers and directional infra-red heaters.

At Deans, we can collaborate with leading restaurant design companies or work directly with restaurant owners. Our talented design team will ensure your bespoke restaurant awning solution is perfect. Each restaurant awning is hand-crafted in our London workshop by a team of highly skilled craftsman.

Custom-built commercial awnings from design to manufacture to installation

At Deans, we have all the necessary expertise to produce a quality commercial awning. Every commercial awning project is different and present a new set of parameters that need to be taken into consideration.

The initial stage of the process begins with a full site survey, where we take detailed measurements and take into account any structural or architectural considerations. From this, we will produce detailed technical drawings. In terms of design, we have a dedicated and talented team who can collaborate with architects, design studios and business owners or work independently to produce your design.

We then manufacture your awning in our London Workshop. Each commercial awning is hand-crafted to your bespoke measurements. The materials we use are sustainably sourced and the fabric and timber are treated with weather-resistant finishes to deliver an exceptionally durable and reliable end product. Your commercial awning will then be installed by our expert installation team, who will ensure your commercial canopy is fitted to the correct specifications.

6 key considerations when choosing Restaurant Awnings

Restaurant awning by Deans for Mother Kelly

1. Design & Styling

The design of a restaurant exterior is a key element. The choice of restaurant awning is central to creating a restaurant’s look and identity. Our design team can collaborate with interior design agencies and architects or we can work independently to produce your restaurant awning. On request, we can provide detailed 3D-modelling and also supply fabric samples. For grade-listed buildings in conservation areas and can provide detailed drawings for planning permission.

Restaurant awning by Deans for al fresco dining

2. Al Fresco Solutions

Utilising outside dining areas is a growing option for many restaurant owners, especially in the summer months. We have a number of stylish restaurant awning solutions to create large or intimate eating spaces, from restaurant frontages to terraced areas. Our extensive awning range includes fixed awnings, retractable awnings, free-standing modular systems and accessories like jumbrellas, cafe barriers and directional infra-red heaters, which use 30% less energy than gas or quartz radiating heaters. All our restaurant awning solutions are robust and can withstand up to Beaufort Scale 8 winds. We also provide customers with email alerts for ‘Amber & Red Weather Warnings’.

branded restaurant awning by Deans traditional style

3. Branding

Branding is an important part of a restaurant’s visual identity. Our design team have worked on or collaborated with interior design agencies on many prestigious restaurant awning projects. They have great flair and understanding about what works best in terms of enhancing your restaurant. As part of our total design solution, we have our RAGS® pattern printing. This cutting‑edge system takes design to a new level and can totally transform your approach to awning design.

contemporary restaurant awning by Deans

4. Precision, Expertise & Craftsmanship

Each restaurant awning project has its own unique parameters. These parameters include the area to be covered and the shape of the building exterior. Sometimes we need to be innovate and modify the awning itself. Projects always start with an extensive survey and from this we produce detailed drawings and specifications. Each awning we manufacture is hand-crafted with a level of precision that comes from years of experience. The finished restaurant awning is then installed by our expert team of fitters. They are fully briefed to ensure a smooth operation and minimal disruption to customers.

Classic restaurant awning by Deans for Francos

5. Quality Materials, Resilience & Sustainability

To manufacture quality restaurant awnings, Deans use high-grade hardwood timber to manufacture our housings. The arms and brackets are steel-forged to exact specifications including any curvature. To provide an additional level of resilience, metalwork is powder-coated, all timber-work is hand-treated and fabrics are solution-dyed to maintain resistance. All these processes increase your restaurant awning’s life span. Sustainability is also important to Deans. We try to ensure all our materials come from a sustainable source. We have a dedicated Environmental Manager and their role is to ensure all staff adhere to of our environmental policy, both at work and on site.

Restaurant terrace awning by Deans for Pont De La Tour

6. Wide Range & Customisation

Deans have an extensive product range that provides great choice to restaurants. Our solutions include retractable awnings, fixed awnings, free-standing, fixed modular systems, cafe barriers and heaters – the choice is wide. Our awnings are also totally customisable. For the box, we offer a variety of wood stain colours and finishes. The awning cloth and metalwork can be matched to any RAL colour. Our pattern printing allows total design freedom. There is also the option of adding a stylish valance or finials.

Restaurant Awnings – Featured Project

Did you know Deans manufactured the first ever commercial awning in 1894

John Dean founded Deans Awnings in the 1890s. He pioneered the original commercial awning design, the Deans Awning, which has continued to maintain its popularity for 130 years. The Deans Awning was an instant success with traders and retailers and the design has remained with only changes to materials and finishes.

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