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Markilux 5010

Markilux 5010 model heavy duty cassette commercial grade awning

The Markilux 5010 is a commercial quality cassette with a unitary one-piece construction and an arm extension of up to a t 4.00 meters. Available in eight powder-coated frame colours as standard with other RAL options to order

The Markilux 5010 incorporates enjoys a neat modern oval cassette shape which is ideal for a contemporary building project.

Markilux 5010 is available in large potential sizes (up to 16.00m X 4.00m making it suitable for installation on premises where design requirements exceed cost consideration.

The awning is available with manual or electric control and can be installed with a climate control system reacting to sun or wind stimuli.

The larger sizes should incorporate anemometer wind protection.

With the design of its awnings, Markilux has time and again shown angles and edges as well as round shapes over the years. It seems that this has appealed to their customers. Markilux 5010 continue to follow all the latest design trends.

Contemporary architecture is one thing above all: purist. Straight lines, a clear-cut design, no frills to be seen. Nothing distracts the eye. This form of lifestyle culture conveys peace to the senses. And then it makes sense to adapt any additional detail to complement the architecture.


We believe using quality materials is a prerequisite in producing an outstanding end product.
• Aircraft grade alumnium powder coated for weather resistance
• Components drop forged or composite for stability


All these measures give the awning long-lasting resistance to the most torrid of weather conditions.
• Metalwork is powder coated
• Cloth fabric is solution-dyed for solar protection


  • The Markilux 5010 model heavy duty cassette commercial grade awning can be customised to maximise your branding.
    • Metalwork and fabric can be matched to any RAL colour
    • Climate control system
    • RAGS® branding and pattern printing
  • Heating and lighting options

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