Edition® Fabric

Edition Fabric Scotts

Deans Blinds proudly presents Edition® Fabric, a groundbreaking fabric that revolutionises the world of awning covers. With Edition® Fabric, we can create highly customised awning covers in any colour or pattern you desire.

Our exclusive in-house facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology specifically designed for full cover printing. This cutting-edge process combines sophisticated digital printing techniques with specialised fabric, resulting in awning designs that are visually stunning and exceptionally durable. With Edition® Fabric, we can achieve vibrant, long-lasting colours and intricate designs that span across vast areas, surpassing the limitations of alternative branding methods.

Experience the endless possibilities of Edition® Fabric. Contact Deans Blinds today to explore how we can transform your awning into a captivating visual masterpiece that truly represents your unique style and brand.