Dutch blinds and dutch canopies

Dutch blinds or Dutch canopies have  been available for many years, traditionally the Dutch Blind made of timber. Nowadays the frame is usually constructed from aluminium extrusion with, in Deans case, high pressure die-cast alloy corners and reinforced composite hinges making the Dutch Canopy easier to operate and more durable.

 A Dutch canopy is ideal where you have a  situation which does not permit the installation of heavier foldaway units but requires maximum shade, assisted by the side protection offered by the canopy design.

You can choose from one of the hundreds of colours we feature on our fabric selection page.

A cover board is available for the Dutch Canopy to protect the cover, in the closed position, and operation is usually by a simple traditional cord and pulley method though an electric option is available. The valance is a standard feature on a Dutch blind and is not detachable.

These blinds and canopies are especially suitable where are limited fixings due to their light weight. This makes them an ideal solution for single story extensions or on bungalows.

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