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Entrance awnings, sometimes known as approach awnings or canopies and can be made to virtually any shape or style and are used to provide protection to walkways and focus the eye onto the entrance of a building.

They may also be built to go around corners or to cover staircases – even lighting is possible. These Dean’s products are particularly useful for hotels and restaurants and provide cover for guests as they enter or leave the building.

Entrance awnings can be used to direct customers to the entrance of a commercial building and can be a good, clear statement on a building facade.


We believe using quality materials is a prerequisite in producing an outstanding end product.
• Aircraft grade aluminium sections powder coated for durability
• No plastic parts


All these measures give the awning long-lasting resistance to the most torrid of weather conditions.
• Metalwork is powder coated
• Cloth fabric is solution-dyed for protection


The Entrance awnings can be customised to maximise your branding.
• Metalwork and fabric can be matched to any RAL colour
• Valance and finials available in many styles
• RAGS® branding and pattern printing in any pantone reference

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