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Retractable Awnings by Deans – Bespoke Manufacture for Shops, Restaurants & Bars

Retractable Awnings – Designed and Built to your Exact Specifications

Deans are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of retractable awnings for commercial customers or retail chains. Our product range offers a wide range of styles ideal for high street shops, restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars and shopping outlets.

From traditional to contemporary, our retractable solutions are manufactured to your exact specifications and offer great opportunity for branding. Popular retractable solutions include the Deans Classic Retractable Commercial Awning, a Victorian style awning that can be retracted manually or by remote control. The stylish SQ2 Recessed Folding Awning has a facia that recesses seamlessly into the building’s frontage. The Markilux 5010 is another popular folding-arm system ideal for outdoor spaces like pubs, where the weather can quickly change.

Our largest retractable awnings offer an impressive coverage. The traditional-style awnings have a maximum projection of 3 metres and 6 metre width, but some of our contemporary folding-arm solutions boast maximum projections of 4 metres and up to 16 metres in width.

Retractable Awnings: Features & Benefits

  • Versatile shading solution: Deans Retractable Awnings offer adaptable shade for commercial spaces such as cafes, restaurants, and retail establishments.
  • Enhanced customer experience: Creates a comfortable outdoor environment for patrons to enjoy meals, drinks, or shopping, protected from sun glare and heat.
  • Customisable options: Tailor the awnings to fit the branding and aesthetics of your business with a variety of sizes, colors, and fabric choices available.
  • Increased capacity: Attract more customers by providing an inviting outdoor space that encourages people to linger and explore your establishment.
  • All-weather performance: Designed to withstand diverse weather conditions, including rain and wind, ensuring durability and reliability for your business.
  • Cost-effective solution: Save on energy expenses by reducing indoor cooling needs during sunny days, leading to potential long-term cost savings for your business.
  • Maximise Commercial Space: Capitalise on your outdoor area, retractable awnings can be easily utilised based on weather conditions and customer demand.
  • Brand visibility: Increase brand visibility by incorporating custom signage or logos on the awnings.

Retractable Awnings – 6 key factors in choosing the right retractable awning

1. Space Optimisation

Maximise the use of your outdoor area with Deans Retractable Awnings, which offer versatile space optimisation solutions for commercial premises. By creating shaded areas for seating, dining, or product displays, these awnings help you make the most of your available square footage, expanding your capacity and revenue potential. With the ability to retract the awnings when not in use, you can also maintain flexibility in your layout, accommodating changing needs throughout the day.

2. Strength & Durability

Deans Retractable Awnings are engineered for lasting durability, crafted from high-quality materials that withstand the rigors of commercial use. With robust frames and weather-resistant fabrics, these awnings maintain their integrity even in challenging weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance year after year. Whether it’s rain, wind, or intense sunlight, you can trust that your investment in Deans Retractable Awnings will continue to provide shade and protection for your business premises, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Markilux 970 patio awning

3. Operation Options

We have several options for retractable awnings from manual to remote control. Our range of traditional awnings can be retracted manually by crank or pole, as well as, remote operation. Our contemporary awnings are mainly operated by remote control, but they can also utilise smart sensor technology to automatically retract or open depending on the weather at the time.

4. Branding Opportunity

Deans are all about choice when it comes to branding your retractable awning. We have the ability to match any solid colour for your fabric, as well as being able to print patterns from supplied artwork. Our RAGS® Branding System is used for logos, idents and text to go on your awning material. We can match most colours and also offer special metallic options in gold and silver.

5. Weather-Proofing

The British weather is always an important factor in your awning choice. This is especially so with regard to restaurants and pubs, where outdoor dining and drinking is a key element. A retractable awning provides your business with the perfect flexibility, offering protection from rain or much needed shade from excessive heat. Our wide range of retractable options allow us to tackle any size space. Some retractable solutions have smart weather sensors options, that will automatically open when rain starts and retract when it stops. A further weather-related service we provide to all our customers is email warnings for ‘Amber & Red Weather Warnings’. This helps our customers to respond to adverse weather conditions.

Markilux 6000 residential retractable awning

6. Terrace Coverings

Retractable awnings are essential for both commercial and residential terraced areas. They provide year round protection against sun, wind and rain. When fitting your retractable solution it can either be fixed to the structure or use a free-standing framework. Most of our retractable terrace solutions are modular, so any size space can be covered. They are also totally customisable and robust.

Retractable Awnings – Featured Project

Did you know Deans manufactured the first ever commercial awning in 1894

John Dean founded Deans Awnings in the 1890s. His original commercial awning design, the Deans Awning, was an instant success with traders and retailers. 130 years later and its timeless appeal remains as strong as ever, the only changes being made to the materials and finishes.

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