Markilux 6000

The Markilux 6000 is the top of the range in the markilux awnings portfolio it comprises a sleek  rounded one-piece cassette and an arm extension of up to a vast 4.00 meters. Available in four powder-coated colours.

The Markilux  6000 is available in eight powder-coated colours plus the very special lounge range of metallic shades.

The sleek Markilux 6000 cassette shape and large potential size (up to 16.00m X 4.00m make it suitable for installation on sites where design requirements exceed cost consideration.

The awning is available as a  manual awning or with electric configuration and can be fitted with a climate control system reacting to sun or wind stimuli.

A wall sealing profile  is available which can be fitted between the awning and the fixing surface to prevent water ingress.

If the very best is all you will accept then this is the patio awning for you.

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