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Somfy Automatic Controls

somfy automatic controls


Automatic controls which could not be imagined are now common place and their use on sunblinds and shutters is no exception.


Automation can be specified to respond to a number of stimuli:

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  1. Solar control, where the device operates automatically when a certain degree of light is received by the sensor. This is especially useful where sunblinds are specified to prevent furnishings or stock fading as the blind will operate even when no one is present.
  2. Timers may be specified.
  3. An anemometer (wind speed sensor) is always fitted when timer or sun sensors are used in order that the blind is retracted in windy conditions that otherwise could result in damage.
  4. Deans can design command controls to operate combinations of units to operate together, or in groups and can de-activate other control units, such as timers or other sensors according to a customer's requirements.
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Remote control
From the comfort of your lounger, the remote control does it for you.
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  Single control
Whatever the weather, no need to worry about rushing to open or close your awning using nothing but elbow grease.
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somfy remote electric  control
somfy sun and wind electric  control
somfy black remote electric awning control

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