Rib® wedge canopies Chestertons Estate Agents, Barnes

These Rib® wedge canopies at the Chestertons Estate Agents in Barnes  are the latest of many such jobs we have installed for the client, who have the largest number of branches of any Estate Agent in Greater London. Our Rib® wedge Canopies offer the opportunity for modern three dimensional signage by clever use of our RAGS® unique branding system in a clean and efficient manner. The Triangulated design ensures a rigid construction which will stand up well to the vagaries of our weather and the use of coated fabrics resists soiling . Rib® Wedge canopies can be adapted to fit on to most shop fronts using one of our many fixing bracket configurations, if necessary, concealing some elements of a building which may not be visibly attractive. The canopies are  constructed in such a way that it is even possible for them to be made to follow the contours of a multi facetted frontage. If, at any stage in the future, your corporate design changes, or there are new thoughts about basic colours, then it is a simple process for us to collect your canopy, remove the cover in our works and replace it with a completely new one with a new graphic if that is appropriate.

Chesterons embrace their role as the local agent in each of the communities they operate, and that is why each of their London branches has its own identity. Frequently living in the area themselves, their local teams know their areas like no one else and are able to provide all clients with advice at a local, national and international level.

In 1215, immediately after confirming the sealing of the Magna Carta, Stephen Langton, the Archbishop of Canterbury, stopped on the river at Barnes to dedicate St Mary’s church. The church was added to in 1485 and in 1786. After a major fire in 1978 destroyed the Victorian and Edwardian additions to the building, restoration work was completed in 1984.



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