SQ2 recessed commercial awning for Dezato, Fitzrovia

The Recessed SQ2 recessed commercial awning has a strangely magical effect when installed to a shopfront. When it is extended it presents itself as a normal high quality commercial awning. However, when retracted it doesn’t! In fact it ceases to be an awning at all but becomes part of the shop front facia. The unique front profile design of our SQ2 recessed commercial awning  is such that, when recessed, it presents a completely flush finish with the surrounding facia. The front profile, when retracted, effectively forms part of the shopfront and this can be clearly seen in one of the images alongside which shows the awning it its retracted view. The awning is remotely controlled by a wireless switch and with a powder coated frame, which matches precisely the shop front, the seamless effect is complete. Completing the Dezato ensemble are the RAGS® system graphics providing the message of tempting desserts within.

Dezato’s provides high quality artisanal gelato, plated desserts and mochi ice cream. They also offer freshly baked pastries and coffees and tea. Their Mayfair Breakfast Tea is a careful blend of Assam and Kenyan black teas which are mixed with a sprinkle of calming Safflower petals to produce a wonderful, full bodied tasting tea with a slight mellow astringency! Of special interest at this time of year is the brownie dessert;  warm and crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside, then topped with torched marshmallow fluff and fior di latte gelato – the  perfect way to beat the autumn chill.

Charlotte Street, formed in 1763, was named in honour of Queen Charlotte who married King George III in 1761. It was one of three streets in and around Fitzrovia which took her name. The other two have since been renamed Hallam Street and Bloomsbury Street. Fitzrovia itself was named after the Fitzroy Tavern, a public house on Charlotte Street. The boundary of Camden and Westminster runs along part of Charlotte Street.

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