Deans Shop blinds installed at Camillo Benso, Mayfair

These traditional style Deans shop blinds at the new Italian Restaurant in Mayfair, Camillo Benso, are in dramatic black with extra deep valances which have been cleverly decorated, using our very own RAGS® branding system, in contrasting white  to encompass the entire Camillo Benso logo and text.  The hard wood awning casing and front laths are painted, with environmentally sound water-based paint, to blend in with the equally sombre surrounding timberwork of the shopfront. Metal work has been powder coated black to continue this all-black theme. Operation of traditional Deans shop blinds requires the use of a replica awning pull down pole which we supply as standard. When you have your traditional Deans shop blind installed our engineers will go through the operating process with you to ensure safe and secure opening and closing of the blind.

Camilo Benso London is an authentic Italian dining restaurant. The restaurant presents a modern take on traditional Italian cuisine, combining comfort and creativity. It features two floors making it the perfect location for business dinners, social gatherings and celebrations of all types. The menu is relatively simple but the food is excellent.  Camillo Benso is more than just a destination for dinner. A sleek cocktail bar welcomes you for aperitivo with drinks and small snacks, or another great Italian tradition: a glass of Amaro after dinner. Live music sessions will, on occasion transport you straight to Milan itself.

Blenheim Street gets its name from the English name of Blindheim, a village in Bavaria, Germany, which was the site of the Battle of Blenheim in 1704. Almost all places and other things called Blenheim are named directly or indirectly in honour of the battle.   However, since then the word Blenheim has been used to name so many diverse things and places including: Blenheim Palace, a ship, a World War 2 bomber, an orange,  a horse, a derivative of the King Charles Spaniel, an apricot and even a type of Ginger Ale.

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