Deans traditional shop blinds at Michael Van Clarke hair salon

Close scrutiny of these Deans traditional shop blinds at the exclusive Michael Van Clarke hair salon in Beaumont Street, Westminster, will reveal the three dimensional graphic applied to the fabric cover. This has been achieved using our special RAGS® branding application process which enables us to accurately reflect client logos no matter what the complexity. It is also worth examining closely the fixing nails across the front lath. These are inserted by hand yet are finely spaced to reflect the quality of the product. Previously, metal work for the traditional shop blinds would have been painted by hand but now, with the installation of our very own powder coating facility we have final come to accept that some things are better done the modern way utilising the latest dry powder coating process. This process has not yet extended to the hard wood boxes which have been hand painted with environmentally sound water based paints to a high finish.

At Michael van Clarke the special feature of their hair cutting is that it is cut clean and dry which allows the stylist  to work with the hair’s natural movement and texture, interpreted with face shapes and features, to create brilliant styles which are created with an unrivalled level of precision and balance. Multiple industry awards have followed this unique style of cutting and the Michael Van Clarke Salon Academy encompasses an exceptional training programme

Walter Savage Landor, the writer and poet,  lived at No. 38 in 1794, after being expelled from Oxford University for firing a pistol at the window of a Tory at the university. Landor wrote over three hundred Latin poems, political tracts and essays, but these have generally been ignored in the collections of his work. Landor found Latin useful for expressing things that might otherwise have been “indecent or unattractive”, as he put it, and as a cover for libellous material. He was only 42 when he died but, by all accounts, was a pretty lively character with an excitable temperament

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