Greenwich awning for Bancone

This Greenwich awning  which we have installed at Bancone in William lV Street, in central London, is excellent example of how we are able to take a traditional design and combine it with modern componentry and bold crisp branding to present a striking entrance to a fine restaurant. The Greenwich  awning  has been manufactured in its entirety in our London factory right down  to the extent of the powder coating carried out in our very own powder coating facility. The traditional look  of the Greenwich awning is supported  by its robust construction, however,  the  considerate use of modern materials prevents an attractive uncluttered appearance.  Branding has been accomplished through the means of our unique RAGS®  digitised transfer process, the envy of the awning trade.

Bancone serves modern Italian cuisine, with a strong focus on pasta. The space is bright and modern, complete with living walls and glass cabinets for dried pasta, while a bar allows you to enjoy aperiviti and cicchetti (Italian appetizers paired with drinks such as Campari or Aperol). The menu is casual with crowd-pleasing pasta dishes, including potato gnocchi with sage butter; cacio e pepe, and tagliatelle with spicy pork ragù. Bancone also offers an ever-rotating selection of antipasti, including charred and pickled artichokes; honeyed garlic focaccia and smoked duck breast with parmesan snow.

William lV, after whom this street is named, certainly had a very interesting life. He was an Admiral in the Royal Navy but didn’t experience much in the way of active service. Notwithstanding this his vaulted position meant he reached this high status. William had many mistresses, the most famous being Mrs Jordan who bore him numerous illegitimate children, he wasn’t too bothered about succession being the third son. However, his brothers died and he ascended the throne at the age of 64 subsequently dying  died without a legitimate heir.  He did survive long enough, however, to ensure that it was Victoria who eventually was able to be crowned Queen of England.

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