International awning installation for Starbucks Amsterdam

International awning installation is nothing new to Deans and we have installed awnings for  clients from such diverse locations as Beijing and Dubai. These particular awnings, which we have renovated for the International Starbucks brand, are located in Amsterdam, Holland. Starbucks have been a favoured client of Deans for many years  and we are delighted that we have now been asked to assist with their International awning installation programme.  These awnings, on two different Starbucks sites in the vibrant Dutch capital city, have been carefully and cost effectively renovated by our expert installers so that their life has been extended and they once again look virtually as new.  Awning renovation is not a task to be taken lightly and commercial awnings should only be serviced by trained experts such as our engineers who are experienced in all types of commercial awnings; both modern and traditional.

In Amsterdam there are 17 Starbucks outlets but there are over 13,000 Starbucks cafes worldwide. This huge number  has grown since the first Starbucks was opened by three partners in March 1971 in  Seattle, USA. The Three partners were, writer Gordon Bowker history teacher Zev Siegland English teacher Jerry Baldwin. The three were inspired, by their love of coffee, to sell high-quality coffee beans and equipment for coffee roasting. Their inspiration was the entrepreneur, Albert Peel who taught them his method or roasting the beans to Starbucks perfection.

Amsterdam is the commercial centre of Holland and is a thriving city known for its canals, beautiful buildings  and for the many places of entertainment and leisure. The Amsterdam Stock Exchange is the oldest stock exchange in the world and  is located in the city centre. Amsterdam also has a fine cultural heritage and is the location for the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Stedelijk Museum, Hermitage Amsterdam and  the Amsterdam Museum. Another location visited, especially by school children as part of their Modern History curriculum, is the Anne Frank House; a biographical museum dedicated to the Jewish wartime diarist Anne Frank.

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