Gold Leaf Awnings at Stem

Gold leaf graphics have been carefully applied to these traditional Deans shop blinds at Stem Restaurant in Oxford Street, London. Gold leaf can only be applied to awnings by specialists and our craftsmen are highly skilled in this regard. The gold leaf graphics will not tarnish nor fade and reward their investment many times over during the length of service of these traditional shop blinds. Gold leaf graphics can be of simple text but more complicated logos are possible – just ask our in-house designers for advice. The gold leaf graphics on this particular job have been applied to the valances only but it is possible to apply such decoration to the main cover itself. The shop blind has been manufactured in our London factory using the finest hard wood timbers sourced from environmentally harvested forests and the fine paint work on the awnings has been carried out using water based paints, once again ensuring minimal waste pollutants.

Mark Jarvis the owner of Stem restaurant started out with Anglo and the new restaurant is a two story affair setting in a grand Mayfair townhouse very close to Oxford Circus. Stem has a  small open kitchen area, and pale grey walls lined with royal dark purple banquette style seating, which is designed to a n ambience of  casual sophistication. Chief chef is Sam Ashton-Booth (formerly of Restaurant Story), and the pair have created a menu of seasonal British dishes similar to that at Anglo. The seasonal British menu is both à la carte and a tasting menu. The tasting menu is short – so that there will be plenty of room for the real thing later

Oxford Street was originally part of the Via Trinobantina, a Roman road between Essex and Hampshire via London. Later, it became known as Tyburn Road and during the Middle Ages it was notorious for public hangings of prisoners in Newgate Prison. It became known as Oxford Road and then Oxford Street later in the 18th century

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