Skylight blinds installed in Portsmouth

Skylight blinds have become increasingly popular as people extend living areas into larger living  spaces. The roof of upper storeys or single story extensions can benefit from the increased light afforded by the installation of a skylight blind to a lantern style opening. This increased light gives obvious benefits in  terms of providing natural light to otherwise dark areas but there are also some inevitable downsides in the areas of solar gain and light intrusion which may not always be desired but with skylight blinds can limit.

In this example one of our remotely controlled custom made skylight blinds has been installed to the family room of a beautiful home in Portsmouth with the purpose of, not only reducing heat through solar gain, but also the opaque fabric has allowed this otherwise very bright room to be darkened for watching television or providing a cosier night time ambience. There are also additional benefits provided by skylight blinds in terms of insulation through the addition of one more layer between the room and external elements.

Skylight blinds for roof lanterns are always motorised via a wireless switch and the fabric cover is held taught through a spring mechanism and via a Zip system captive within the side channels. The cassette containing the rollers and mechanism is powder coated in the same way that the side channels are and the whole unit provides a neat, unobtrusive, addition to the lantern itself with the very minimum of framing to conflict with the light space.

Fabrics for our skylight blinds are available in many shades and textures with opacity varying from opaque through various levels of translucency. This is achieved by using one of the huge numbers of special screen materials we offer which are designed to cut glare and solar gain but permit the level of light desired by the customer.

Our skylight blinds are all made to the specific dimensions of your skylight area and our technical surveyor will take a number of detailed measurements in order that, when our engineer comes to do the installation, there is as little inconvenience as possible to the customer providing an end result tailored precisely to the skylight reveal

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