Eyelid canopies: Sloane Square Hotel

Eyelid canopies, are very popular on the Continent and in the USA but not seen so often in the UK.  However, they can look particularly stunning when fitted within the reveal of an elliptical window as these eyelid canopies have been at The elegant Sloane Square building in South West London. Eyelid canopies have to be meticulously sized in order to fit the window radius perfectly and it is usually necessary for our specialist surveyor to attend site and take a template in order to get a perfectly bespoke fit.  In all other aspects the eyelid canopies can be covered in the same way as other our canopy designs and full or partial graphics applied to suit.  Usually these canopies will be of a fixed nature and of fairly modest extension.

The elegant Sloane Square building has been a hotel for over one hundred years, since the rebuilding of the northern side of Sloane Square during the late 19th Century. Early in the 20th century the site was adopted by George Bernard and Amos Ballard, who finished the construction and opened it as the Royal Court Hotel. After the First World War  the running of the hotel was taken over by the celebrated hotelier Auguste Wild. In 2005 the hotel was bought by the hotelier John Tham, former managing director of the Cliveden hotel, and renamed the Sloane Square hotel. Complete renovation was undertaken in 2006 when it reached its current state of elegance. Interestingly,  after the tragic bombing of Sloane Square Station during the blitz of 1940 the hotel was used as clearing post for treating casualties who were then re-located to local hospitals.

Positioned slightly off-centre to the Square  you can find  a stone cross, which is titled The  Chelsea War Memorial.  The cross is made from  Portland stone, but the designer is no longer known. The cross has a capped head on a tapered shaft above a moulded three stage octagonal base. A large bronze sword can be seen  to one side and the inscription on the base  is a memorial to the many men and women who gave  their lives during the Great War of 1914-1918.


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