Dutch canopies at Parkers of Ealing

Dutch canopies may be seen a little less on our high streets today  but they are still a popular solution where there is limited fixing or space available and they do provide excellent shade. Dutch canopies are also a very effective means of providing cost effective three dimensional signage to a site which may otherwise be lost on a busy street scene. These Dutch canopies at Parkers Bakery on Northfield Avenue in West 13 have been particularly well sited on a corner plot so that they cannot possibly be missed by passing traffic. An unusual feature of this particular installation is the relationship between the height of the canopy and the projection. Careful study of the pictures will show that our technicians have extended the projection on these Dutch canopies, and thus shade protection, beyond the standard quadrant shape. They have done this by using a traditional canopy manufacturing style called the “jib” system – rarely seen today, but a skill retained by Deans awning technicians.

If the sign of a great bakery is the length of the queue then Parkers is surely a great bakery with lines of hungry customers  often outside the door, and after about midday on the weekend the shelves can sometimes look sparse, a testament to their popularity; this is surely one of the most popular bakeries in the area. The bread is fresh and always delicious, with a wide variety on offer. They also make fabulous, tasty,  cakes and biscuits too. Good value for money and great food.  An excellent bakery with  friendly and helpful staff.  Lunch times are also busy when the local workmen arrive hungry for their lunches to get them going for their  afternoon labours.

Parkers is located in Ealing which was, historically, a rural village in the county of Middlesex and formed an ancient parish.  Better links  with London and eventually the opening of the railway station in 1838, upgraded  the local economy to market garden commerce and, eventually, through development to suburban status. By 1902, Ealing became known as the “Queen of the Suburbs” due to its greenery and the fact that it was mid way between the centre of London and the countryside.

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