Bespoke awnings for new Sainsbury’s concept in Pimlico

Bespoke wnings  something of a vocation for Deans. We have been meeting and exceeding customer expectations on the design and commissioning of special awnings since John Deans established  the company back in 1894. These bespoke awnings, created for Sainsbury’s Supermarket chain in Pimlico, are just one more example of what Deans can achieve when we get bespoke awnings client requests of this type.  Whatever concepts  you have for your storefront please give our designers a call as there are very few requests today which the Team is unable to comply with. Even if you don’t really know what you want yet call us – we have stacks of ideas which will stimulate your own inspiration to come up with something really special.

Installed on the new “On The Go” Hot food and Pizza the awnings have been installed in such a  way as to give a welcoming shopfront appeal to this area. The front of store has now been transformed into a multi-offered zone with pizza and hot food as well as sandwiches, healthy snacks and drinks. There is even more on offer for customers with Crussh and Sushi Gourmet concessions as well. Many other areas of the store have been updated including the fresh food counters and bakery.

Pimlico is an historic part of London based on land of the Manor of Ebury (think Ebury Road) it was broken up into various fields to let and sold in 1623 by James 1st initially for the “vast” sum of £1151 and 15 shillings – or £1151.75p.  Perhaps a mathematics enthusiast would like to work out what that equates to in today’s money? Today, following the designation of a conservation area in 1968 (extended in 1973 and again in 1990), the area has seen extensive regeneration. Successive waves of development have given Pimlico an interesting social mix, combining exclusive restaurants and residences with Westminster City Council run facilities.

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