Dutch canopies at Travelex

Dutch canopies are one of the simplest, most economical, of the awning products by Deans and, in a commercial situation, can act as a three dimensional signage pointing the way to your business. Imagine the monthly cost of a billboard on a prestigious location like, for instance, the Tower of London. Then consider that, if you have premises nearby, a Dutch canopies strategically placed on your premises will provide a permanent presence marketing advertisement for a one off cost of just a few hundred pounds. Extend this further if you have a multiple of outlets or even franchises; consider adding this option to your franchise dealers; perhaps even with sponsored installations. Dutch canopies and even retractable awnings will signpost your business at modest one off cost with minimal ongoing maintenance.

Travelex Group is a foreign exchange company founded by Lloyd Dorfman and headquartered in London. Its main businesses are international payments, bureaux de change and issuing prepaid credit cards for use by travellers. It is the world’s largest foreign exchange bureau and is a major donor and sponsor of the Royal National Theatre.

The Tower of London is famous for its ghosts. Anne Boleyn was beheaded in 1536 for treason against Henry VIII; her ghost supposedly haunts the chapel of St Peter ad Vincula, where she is buried, and has been said to walk around the White Tower carrying her head under her arm. This haunting is commemorated in the 1934 comic song “With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm”. Other reported ghosts include Henry VI, Lady Jane Grey, Margaret Pole, and the Princes in the Tower.] In January 1816, a sentry on guard outside the Jewel House claimed to have witnessed an apparition of a bear advancing towards him, and reportedly died of fright a few days later. In October 1817, a tubular, glowing apparition was claimed to have been seen in the Jewel House by the Keeper of the Crown Jewels, Edmund Lenthal Swifte.

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