Markilux 990 Patio Awning Installed On Spreader Plates

When installing patio awnings every site is different and installing patio awnings on to a single storey extension can present a special installation challenge. Typically this type of single storey installation will not have sufficient space above the large sliding doors to be able to safely facilitate the fixing of a conventional awning with fixings along the width.

In this case an end fix awning is an option but again, problems can be experienced by the proximity of the top of the extension being too close to get adequate substrate integrity. This may not prevent you being able to enjoy the benefits which a patio awning can bring if you apply the correct solution.

In the  situation shown in the pictures we have use a Markilux 990 system which enjoys the benefit of end fixing. With the combination of spreader plates, manufactured by our engineering department and powder coated in our own powder coating facility, were able to  we provide a solution which is neat, yet sturdy and ideally suited to this particular case.

The addition of integrated, remotely controlled motorisation added a touch of luxury and the use of a wind sensor gave additional comfort and security.

The Markilux 990 is an award winning and proven design by this leading German manufacturer and Deans have been pleased to have partnered Markilux in the expansion of their awnings in the UK for over 25-years. We will soon have a dedicated showroom at our new Sutton offices where you will be able to examine the Markilux range first hand.

More about the Markilux 990 here

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