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Bespoke School Awnings – custom-built solutions


Supplying schools, universities and nurseries across the UK

School awnings part of the government’s recommendation, according to their education guidelines, outside teaching areas enhance a child’s learning experience, but that area does need to be shaded to protect the class from harmful UV rays. These areas also provide children with some outside time during less favourable weather conditions.

From nurseries and schools to universities, Deans have a wide level of experience in identifying the correct awning solution. Our wide range of school awnings, shades and sunblinds can either be fixed to a building or free standing. These outside areas should be stimulating places for children, colourful, exciting, engaging, but always practical. Our all-weather school awnings, such as the Pratic Terrace Awning is modular and can be expanded into a substantially sized outdoor teaching area.

Deans have been manufacturing and installing awnings and blinds for over 120 years and we invite you call us on 020 8947 8931 when we will endeavour to answer your questions about the use of awnings on your place of education.

A free site survey can be arranged and one of our expert surveyors will be able to advise you on the best solution.

Custom-built commercial awnings from design to manufacture to installation

At Deans, we have all the necessary expertise to produce a quality commercial awning. Every commercial awning project is different and present a new set of parameters that need to be taken into consideration.

The initial stage of the process begins with a full site survey, where we take detailed measurements and take into account any structural or architectural considerations. From this, we will produce detailed technical drawings. In terms of design, we have a dedicated and talented team who can collaborate with architects, design studios and business owners or work independently to produce your design.

We then manufacture your awning in our London Workshop. Each commercial awning is hand-crafted to your bespoke measurements. The materials we use are sustainably sourced and the fabric and timber are treated with weather-resistant finishes to deliver an exceptionally durable and reliable end product. Your commercial awning will then be installed by our expert installation team, who will ensure your commercial canopy is fitted to the correct specifications.

6 key considerations when choosing School Awnings

Awnings for Schools by Deans for Sunnydown School

1. Requirements

Each school will have a different set of requirements for their school awnings. We provide a free site survey with one of our expert surveyors to discuss the best solution. This process is collaborative, but having produced a variety of solutions, we can provide schools with many options or alternatives. We can also provide detailed 3D-modelling on request, as well as supplying fabric samples.

Awnings for Schools by Deans for Bromley School

2. Engaging Outdoor Areas

School awnings are a necessary element of the government guidelines that promote outdoor teaching. The guidelines indicate that children’s learning is enhanced by an outdoor environment. At Deans, we understand that those areas are both practical and stylish, but they are also a treasured focal point for any school. All our school awning solutions are robust and can withstand up to Beaufort Scale 8 winds. We also provide the schools with email alerts for ‘Amber & Red Weather Warnings’.

Awnings for Schools by Deans for Sunnydown School

3. A Splash of Colour

The school crest is one of the oldest forms of branding. It has an important role in promoting a school’s visual identity. Our design team have worked on many school awning projects and reinforcing the school badge colours through awnings is a great way to expand that ‘brand’. For younger children, the use of strong and vibrant colours make these outdoor learning areas exciting and engaging. Deans have an extensive range of colour options for coverings, metalwork and woodwork and we are happy to provide samples on request.

Awnings for Schools by Deans for Clifton School

4. Precision, Expertise & Craftsmanship

Each school awning project has its own unique parameters. From coverage area to matching the shape of the exterior and sometimes, a degree of innovation in terms of structural modifications to the awning itself. At Deans, we pride ourselves in our level of knowledge and craftsmanship. Projects begin with an extensive survey, from this we produce detailed drawings and specifications. Each awning we manufacture is hand-crafted with a level of precision that comes from years of experience. The finished school awning is then installed by our expert team of fitters. They are fully briefed to ensure a smooth operation and minimal disruption to school life.

Awnings for Schools by Deans for Sunnydown School

5. Quality Materials, Resilience & Sustainability

Deans use high-grade hardwood timber to manufacture our housings. The arms and brackets are steel-forged to exact specifications including any curvature. To provide an additional level of resilience, metalwork is powder-coated, all timber-work is hand-treated and fabrics are solution-dyed to maintain resistance. All these processes increase your school awning’s life span. Sustainability is also important to Deans. We try to ensure all our materials come from a sustainable source. We have a dedicated Environmental Manager and their role is to ensure all staff adhere to of our environmental policy, both at work and on site.

Awnings for Schools by Deans for Unicorn Primary School

6. Wide Range & Customisation

Deans extensive product range allows for a variety of school awning solutions. Our range covers all requirements from entrances to learning areas and eating zones. Retractable or fixed awnings, free-standing or fixed modular systems – the choice is wide. Our school awnings are totally customisable. We offer a variety of wood stain colours and finishes. Fabric and metalwork can be matched to any RAL colour. Our pattern printing allows total design freedom and most awnings have a variety of valance and finial options.

Did you know Deans manufactured the first ever commercial awning in 1894

John Dean founded Deans Awnings in the 1890s. He pioneered the original commercial awning design, the Deans Awning, which has continued to maintain its popularity for 130 years. The Deans Awning was an instant success with traders and retailers and the design has remained with only changes to materials and finishes.

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