Markilux awnings refurbished at Unicorn School Beckenham

Renovating awnings is a major part of Deans’ business and customers who come back to us time after time for this sort of work have been a staple of Deans work since we first started to blinds and awnings  back in the 1800s. This job at the Unicorn Primary School in Beckenham was a particularly challenging job due to its huge size. The awning is a Markilux 5000, predecessor to the Current Markilux 5010 and was originally  installed by us in 2003. The robust awning itself is still in first class condition, which is an endorsement both of the Markilux awning and of the quality of installation.  However, the fabric cover, after sixteen years,  required some freshening up and was therefore replaced by our Team and is hopefully ready for another sixteen years of service. This was an especially challenging job due to the very large size but was accomplished with minimum disturbance to the school.

Renovating awnings can be as basic as installing a new cover or as complex as producing new parts to replace those damaged by storm or, on occasion, vehicular contact. Renovating awnings is not a job to be taken lightly, the older products, such as the Deans shop blind, contain very heavy coil springs which, if not handled correctly, can cause physical harm. In respect of more modern systems it may be necessary for our onsite staff to identify the more complex automatic controls so that these can be repaired, or replaced, with correctly specified parts.  On occasion parts may not be available and we will do our best to manufacture new components but, in the extreme, replacement may be the only option. Re-branding old awnings is an essential part of the process and the RAGS® branding system we employ at Deans ensure acculturate logo reproduction.

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