Awning to extend teaching in schools to outside areas

Within a health promoting school, opportunities to learn outdoors and to interact with the natural world make a vital contribution to a whole school approach to health. Education outdoors can involve working with others, practicing new skills, undertaking practical conservation and influencing society.

Learning outdoors can include the following, all of which are elements within the characteristics of a health promoting school:

knowledge and understanding

attitudes and feelings

values and beliefs

actions and behaviors

personal and social development.

In our variable climate the weather can be seen as an obstacle to this outside learning process – but it needn’t be:Our range of Pratic all weather awning systems are suitable for use in all but the most inclement weather conditions and, even on rainy days, the action of indoor learning can be taken outdoors with all the advantages the fresh air environment can bring.

Practic all weather pergola style awnings have been tested in many cases up to Force 10 on the Beaufort scale and are completely water tight. For added convenience sealed drop down clear screens can be specified to give that extra protection when the weather turns unpleasant.

In hot weather the outdoor learning experience can also be carried on without the danger of sunburn and, in nursery schools and outdoor play area can be provided in most weather conditions.