Awnings and Canopies for all seasons

Awnings and canopies have tremendous practical uses including solar control to provide cooling of interiors,  protection from the rain to enable commercial customers to enjoy al fresco dining and as a focal point to show the entrance to a building. The aesthetic impact of an awning or canopy can also be used to signpost a customer by the application of branding graphics and this has been especially achieved by the application of graphics using our RAGS® system of graphic application.

However, awnings can also be used to emphasis particular occasions such as business anniversaries or different seasons and these examples show how some of our customers have used their awnings and canopies to accentuate the festive nature of their own particular  Christmas season.  These two examples, at Hamleys and Mappin and Webb, show the style and taste of these two famous retailers who help to make their customers shopping experiences special at Christmas

The London Christmas lights extravaganza stretches back to 1954 and this for the third year  running Regent Street’s lights are taking the form of 17 meter wide angels sweeping down the street. Their biggest installation yet, the parade stretches from Langham Place down to St James’s Market, and involves a dazzling 300,000 LED lights which atmospherically ripple down the street. This year, Bond Street are paying homage to everybody’s favourite Christmas bird – no, not the turkey but The Peacock (!) however, like Regent Street, they’re also bringing back last year’s decor, including the giant twinkling plumes and huge chandeliers lighting up every crossroad.  On trendy Carnaby Street they have taken the Queen’s  Bohemian Rhapsody theme  with neon lyrics straddling Soho’s most famous shopping street.

Every  year since 1947, the people of Oslo have gifted London a Christmas tree as a thank you for Britain’s support for Norway in WWII. And all 25meters of it are draped in traditional vertically strung fairy lights, with regular carol concerts and a nativity procession with a full brass band taking place below it over the Christmas period.