Let your awning take the heat this summer

Patio awnings and external sunblinds and are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. In the last 50 years, blinds of new styles and types have appeared, made of aluminium components, with rot-proof and fade-proof fabrics and Dean have always been at the forefront of these developments.

In Continental Europe, residential awnings have always been popular, both domestically and commercially.  Until the last 20-30 years, there were relatively few domestic awnings sold in the UK.  Most of the systems available have been from reputable continental manufacturers but at Deans we manufacture many of our own systems right here in our London factory.

The advantages and attractions of Deans external sunblinds are many:

  • Providing shade and shelter from the heat of the sun
  • Prevention of solar heat gain inside the house
  • Protecting furniture and furnishings from fading
  • Making your garden an extension of your house
  • Increased outdoor living
  • Manufacturer servicing
shade awning
shade awning

Deans range of patio awnings and external blinds is comprehensive and caters for all types of windows and outdoor entertainment areas. From the most simple “dutch” style canopy for maximum shade on small windows such as kitchens or utility rooms right up to all weather, free standing retractable shelters which can provide protection from the elements for parties and gatherings.

shade canopy
shade canopy

It is vital that an external blind or residential awning are correctly fitted and installation should only be carried out by skilled, trained operatives. All Deans installers have had to go through our continuous improved training scheme and you can be confident that your patio awning will be installed in the prescribed manner with due consideration for any type of building substrate.

Deans are signatories to the British Blinds and Shutters (Est. 1919)  Code of Practice.  

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