Traditional residential awning design for Kensington period property

Residential awnings have been manufactured and installed by us since 1894 and we provide  custom made awnings, installed by own teams of skilled technicians. Many styles of awnings are available from Deans but we are especially well known, due to our long experience of all types of properties and solutions, for our wide range of residential awning systems. These range from the traditional Victorian awnings, made by us for nearly 150 years, to the very latest environmentally sensitive, remotely controlled, modern, awnings of today.

On traditional buildings, and especially those of historical interest, it important that the choice of awning be sensitively made. At Deans we have designs and drawings stretching back decades and we will be able to replicate those awnings which were most likely installed on these older building. The Greenwich Awning(s) seen on this elegant Kensington property are a combination of pivoting awnings, for the smaller windows, and a cantilevered awning, for greater extension, on the larger window.

Both types of awnings used on this home are based on the Deans Greenwich awning system; an awning which combines the outward appearance of traditional Victorian style but with critical components made from modern materials, combining greater weather resistance with robust performance in use.

You can be confident that all Deans residential awnings and blinds will be installed by skilled and experienced technicians who have been through, and continue to undergo, training which is managed through structured training programmes. Where difficult installations are envisaged we are able to fabricate special custom-made brackets or fixings to overcome the challenges in installing awnings on the many and varied shapes and sizes of our British homes.

Kensington is an affluent district in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to the West of Central London. With a commercial centre and elegant historic monuments such as Kensington Gardens, the Serpentine Gallery and the Albert Memorial, Kensington is also a prime focus for visiting tourists..

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Traditional greenwich awning with valance for residential property in London
Traditional style residential awning for exterior balcony
Residential Awning in traditional period property in Kensington London
Traditional retractable residential awnings with stylish valance