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Markilux Patio Awnings R Us - Quality Patio Awnings For You

We at Deans are pleased to present our sturdy and elegant Markilux patio awnings. These products are manufactured to the very finest quality standards.

Markilux Patio Awnings by Deans

For a nice, cool and pleasant shade.To get that holiday feeling.
For an enjoyable atmosphere. For all those occasions.
A Markilux tends to make the summer perfect.

You will find many downloads throughout the site and we update them all the time - below are a couple of general brochures on products suitable for home awning applications.

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Product brochure downloads:

markilux patio awnings brochure



Markilux 6000 luxury patio awning

The markilux 6000 is the top of the range cassette awning from the Markilux stable The markilux 6000 is a cassette awning with space-age design technology at the elbow joints of the awning arms – know known as the bio-tendon link.The original bionic tendon, draws inspiration from nature to create a friction-free and virtually noiseless arm operation making the technology in this patio awning even more robust and durable (achieving at least 50,000 cycles during tests by the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany.

Beside the many options available the the markilux 6000 Lounge model features frame colours off-white textured finish, stone grey metallic and anthracite metallic always ensure a clean appearance thanks to its inherrent a soil resistance. Click image for more details

Prices from £1870.00 plus vat and installation subject to survey


Markilux M5010 - the strong one

The model 5010 is a contemporeary design - from the cassette right through to the fixture brackets. The shape of the cassette is clear, classically modern without superfluous embellishments and the housing blends seamlessly with the fixing bracketsThe superior folding arms with assymetric arm lengths give the awning great stability and the cover is held fast when the awning is fully extended. All fixings and critical components are made of rust-resistant stainless steel.Huge Choice of fabrics from sunvas snc and sunsilk ranges. A valance is optional.

DimensionsThe markilux 5010 is available with a maximum width of 700 cm. The maximum projection is 400 cm. Click the image for more details.

Prices from £1750.00 plus vat and installation subject to survey


The Markilux Patio Awning with Lights

Markilux 1650 patio awning featuring a unique system of lighting in the front rail. These lights can be inetgrated with your remote so you can alter the ambience of your patio at the touch of a button with moving from your favourite patio recliner.The markilux 1650 corresponds to the markilux 1600 (folding arms with double steel-like chains).

These models, however, have integrated halogen spot lights in the front profile.The markilux 1650 is available with a maximum width of 710 cm. The maximum projection is 400 cm. Units with larger widths are fitted with an additional rolltex bearing to prevent deflection of the roller tube. Click the image for more details

Prices from £1870.00 plus vat and installation subject to survey


The Markilux 990 end fix

The Markilux 990 has been developed by Schmitze-werke, the renowned German quality awning manufacturer for special applications where the fixing is limited only to the ends of the awning for example over a patio. The cassette is of very small dimensions providing a tidy appearance with contemporary lines.

With an overall height of just less than 13 cm this awning can be offered whenever there is little room for installation and a designer awning is called for. The construction without torque bar saves space and weight. Click image for more details


The Markilux 700 small window sun shade

The neat cassette from extruded aluminium is powder-coated and, when retracted, the fabric is protected from the weather by the enclosedcassette. Strong as pistons ensure the smooth operation of the awning. All components require minimal maintenance and are protected against corrosion.

Maximum width of a single unit is 700 cm. Coupled awnings, are possible up to a overall width of 800 cm. The angle of the awning can drop below 90 degrees allowing maximum sun protection - ideal on a kitchen window.The awning is fitted as standard with manual gearbox operation (a bevel gear and bayonet winding handle). A hard-wired or radio-controlled motor with markilux remote control operation can be fitted as optional accessory. Click the image for more details

Prices from £560.00 plus vat and installation subject to survey.


Markilux Pergola 210

The Pergola 210 patio awning with support legs is ideally designed specifically for locations where there is limited headroom.

The  Pergola 210 patio awning is designed for installations where there is limited headroom and a requirement for the awning to be suitable in stronger winds. For use in all weather conditions we would recommend the Pratic all weather awning system  but the Pergola 210 awning will be suitable for most of our inclement summer weather. The facility to adjust the legs means that water can be shed from one side or the other the,, when conditions allow the awning may be returned to the level state

Prices from £3870.00 plus vat and installation subject to survey


The Dutch Canopy or Dutch Blind

The Dutch blind has been around for centuries and is variously known as the French canopy, basket canopy, basket blind, Italian canopy but in the UK it is generally known as the Dutch blind - why? We have no idea!

Prices from £460.00 plus vat and installation subject to survey.

Markilux 8000 conservatory awning

Markilux 8000 Series Conservatory Awning

The Markilux 8000 series conservatory awning comes in numerous versions and can be up to 12.00 meters wide with a 6.00 meter extension. It can be fitted above or below glazing and have water proof solid fabric covers for rain or mesh covers for purely sun protection 

Whilst inside blinds help a little to reduce heat again inside glass buildings there is no avoiding the fact that blinds on the inside of any window can only deal with this heat once it has already entered the conservatory.

The only real solution is to create an ideal shade for the conservatory roof by putting a Markilux Conservatory awning solar barrier on the outside.

markilux shadeplus valance

Awning optional extras

Optional extras available in abundance from retractable valances, powered option, heaters, lights, coloured profiles, radio control, weather sensing devices - the list goes on.




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