Classic Dutch Canopy for Coffee Shop

At Deans we always work with our clients to create awnings and canopies that suit their specific needs. The circumstances for fitting an awning or canopy varies from each building and façade. Every job is therefore individually surveyed and planned in order to create a suitable product.

One such recent job that we did was for Silver Oak Coffee in Cambridgeshire. Silver Oak needed a canopy that went along their entire shopfront and faced two sides of their building. In order to solve that we created a Classic Dutch Canopy that is made up of three different panels.

The two main panels of the canopy cover the sides of the building. The third panel makes up a corner section that links the two main panels together. This creates a canopy that runs along the entire shopfront, including the building corner, in one single product.

Our Classic Dutch Canopy is constructed with an aluminium frame. The frame enables the characteristic quadrant shape of the Classic Dutch Canopy. With a nylon insert, the fabric cover is then fitted unto the frame to complete the canopy.

The canopy for Silver Oak Coffee is a great example of what can be created with the Classic Dutch Canopy. In collaboration with our design team, it is a canopy that can be made to fit many different buildings and façades.

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Classic Dutch Canopy for Silver Oak Coffee.

Aluminium frame for Classic Dutch Canopy.