Bespoke Awnings for Le Petit Beefbar

These bespoke Greenwich awnings installed at Le Petit Beefbar, reflect the French heritage of the client in their specially cut scalloped valance, hinting the client’s Monegasque beginnings.

We realise that not all customers want the same things and at Deans, we will adjust our commercial awnings to suit customers special requirements, whether these be as simple as a particular valance shape or a complex combination of bespoke graphics and powder coated frame colours.

A bona fide manufacturer rather than merely an assembler of awnings, Deans are in the unique position of being able to create bespoke solutions to meet customer specific requirements. These three Greenwich® awnings have been installed using custom hardwood awning boxes to protect the covers when the awnings are retracted and the covers have been decorated with custom branding through the means of our digital RAGS® graphics process.

The awnings on this site are a combination of fixed and geared operation however the Greenwich awning can also be operated remotely using wireless technology, utilising low energy sealed motors and controlled from within the restaurant by the client. It is also possible to install other automatic devices which react appropriately to climatic impulses such as wind, sun or rain.

Established in Monte-Carlo in 2005 , Beefbar has a glamorous modern line, providing a luxury feel and a complete dining experience. Their menu is divided into 3 main axis: street food inspired by the most popular recipes from around the world, great meat cuts sourced in Australia, Japan and the United States, and iconic dishes, from sides to mains and desserts.

Le Petit Beefbar awnings
Le Petit Beefbar awnings

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