Wedge canopies: Richmond

Wedge canopies, are an ideal vehicle for applied branding. Wedge canopies, by reason that they have large flat surface can accept branding in a bold fashion which gives prominence to a business. As can be seen on these seven wedge canopies we have installed at The Grill off the Green in Richmond maximum use has been made of the branding possibilities, both to the main canopy surface and to the hanging valances. This branding is possible through the application of our bespoke RAGS  system of graphics application which ensure faithful reproduction of both colour and design. The RAGS  branding process can be applied to any of our range of canopies and awnings and is not restricted to the wedge style depicted here. Wedge canopies can also be recovered and reasonable cost as the frames may be used many times over. At Deans we offer a complete recovering and renovation service.

Given the up market ambience of Richmond Green with its smart homes and businesses it is hard to believe this was the site of Jousting tournaments which took place in the Middle Ages, when English monarchs were living in or visiting what is now called Richmond. Homes have been placed around the green for over 400 years and many of them were used as temporary residences for people serving or visiting Richmond Palace. In 1625 Charles I brought his court here to escape the plague in London and by the early 18th century these had become the homes of minor nobility, diplomats, and court hangers-on.