Rib® Wedge canopies at Noorjahan II

These RIB® Wedge canopies, installed here at the Noorjahan II Restaurant in Sussex place, London, are in a  style which creates a Parisian ambience seen more commonly on the streets of the French capital. The RIB® wedge canopies have been specially constructed to extend around the building in this continental style, complimenting the early nineteenth century  architecture.  The all aluminium framework has been powder coated in our own works to provide a rigid, robust, structure.

We use no plastic parts in our  RIB® Wedge canopies so that, environmentally, the product is entirely sympathetic with modern thinking. The corner main cover on this canopy has been finely decorated with a complex client logo through the use of our bespoke RAGS® branding system. Finally, the valances,  and covers to the side elevations, have been further branded with the restaurant name and other informative text.

Noorjahan II is one of London’s finest Indian restaurants; attracting a loyal clientele, many of whom travel across town to sample the very best North Indian cuisine. Their ingredients are locally sourced, where possible, and they use a range of whole and ground spices to create their authentic and delicious dishes. Noorjahan II boasts a beautiful restaurant over two floors. The skilled culinary  team, prepare and cook each dish to Noorjahan’s unique standard and each dish is prepared using only the freshest and finest ingredients.

Sussex place is named after the grand building designed by John Nash and built by William Smith. Completed in 1823. The building features ten pointed cupolas along the roof line and a façade adorned with Corinthian columns. It was originally built as 26 terraced houses and a number of famous people have resided here over the years.