Residential awnings – Latest

Residential awnings have been manufactured and installed by us since 1894 and we provide  custom made product, installed by own teams of skilled technicians. All types of residential awnings are available from Deans but we are especially well known, due to our heritage, for the pivoting residential awnings and  few examples are shown in this alongside this text.

Pivot arm awnings are especially well suited to windy locations as the triangulated nature of the product is geometrically self supporting. The pivot arm residential awnings may also be specified to include a sliding mechanism which enables the horizontal extension to be increased for greater shade. Residential awnings of this type are ideal for the more traditional home as this design has been in common use since the early nineteenth century.

You can be confident that all Deans awnings and blinds will be installed by skilled and experienced technicians who have been through, and continue to undergo, training plans which are managed by structured training programmes. Where difficult installations are envisaged we are able to fabricate special custom-made brackets or fixing to overcome the challenges in installing awnings on the many shapes and sizes of our British homes.

Deans Blinds are founder members of the British Blinds and Shutters Association (BBSA) who were established in 1919 by a select Group of Blind and Awning manufacturers with the desire to create a Trade Association which ensured customers received the highest quality of service in this proud industry. This continues to this day and we were recognized earlier this year at the BBSA Centenary awards with a Certificate of commendation for a particularly notable installation of ours.