Renovating awnings for Save the Children, Richmond

Renovating awnings can be as basic as installing a new cover or as complex as producing new parts to replace those damaged by storm or, on occasion, vehicular contact. Renovating awnings is not a job to be taken lightly, the older products, such as the Deans shop blind, contain very heavy coil springs which, if not handled correctly, can cause physical harm. In the case of this particular job at Save the Children, The Green, Richmond, the awning is indeed of the Victorian style and incorporates the aforementioned very strong steel spring within the roller. The robust awning itself is still in first class condition but the fabric cover, after some considerable time,  required renewing and was therefore replaced by our Team and is ready to act as a focal point on the Green for years to come. The renovated awning has also been decorated by the use of our bespoke RAGS® branding process and the Save The children message can be boldly seen in colours contrasting with the bright green of the awning fabric.

This shop in Richmond is one of the Mary’s Living and Giving outlets. The boutique shops are a fantastic place to visit and volunteer. Mary’s Living and Giving shops were set up with retail expert Mary Portas, and every item donated helps children around the world survive and thrive. Save the Children is a global movement made up of national member organisations. Save the Children UK is the oldest and one of the biggest members. They raise funds for their global work and advocate for children internationally and in Britain.

Centuries ago  jousting tournaments were held  on Richmond Green during the Middle Ages, when English kings and queens were living in or visiting the area now referred to as Richmond. Richmond Green has been ringed by houses and commercial premises for over 400 years and these were built provide facilities for people serving or visiting Richmond Palace.