Re-furbished canopies for historical Chelsea building

Awnings are a significant investment and, as with all products exposed to the elements, over time they become soiled by traffic film or just lose that new look essential to maintaining your business’ appearance. Fortunately, this does not always mean you have to purchase new awnings and, if they have been looked after and are still structurally sound, we are usually able to refurbish the awnings or canopies at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

The recovering of awnings is a cost effective way of giving your awning or canopy a fresh look and return it to the pristine appearance it had when first installed. The examples shown here at the Adventures in Furniture store of Chiswick area is a classic case in point.  

re-furbish or recover canopies
re-furbish or recover canopies

Originally installed by us some years ago, the canopies started to look a little tired and this busy outlet wished to changed them  for something which would make a bold statement. The bright blue/green of these canopies, which stretch right around the frontage, cannot be missed, especially with the bold company logo we have printed on each one.

Recovering of awnings is not always straightforward and, with the many types available, it is essential that only skilled installers are employed to recover awnings. Our expert installers will always ensure the structural integrity of your awning or blind is sound when undertaking the work. Should any problems be identified at this stage they will be rectified or, if additional work is required, you will be advised at this stage.

re-furbish or recover canopies
re-furbish or recover canopies

Installers at Deans Blinds have all been through a rigorous raining process to ensure they are competent to undertake the replacement of awning covers and will carry out the necessary checks to the awning or canopy to ensure its continued safe installation.

Adventures in Furniture  of Chiswick pride themselves on creating beautiful designs for modern living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and offices.

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