Markilux 730 cafe awnings at Story, St John’s Hill

These markilux 730 square cassetted pivot awnings  installed at Story Coffee in St John’s Hill are a neat solution to providing shade and a focal recognition point for the business. Whilst not suitable for very large widths the Markilux 730 awning has a number of special advantages not the least of which is the facility of pivoting  down to  140° from the vertical which gives exceptional solar shading. The arm angle can be set at any angle within these parameters which makes the Markilux 730  ideal for the flexible adjustment of light, shade and climate. Special gas pistons in the drop arms ensure a taut awning cover at all angles.

The Inconspicuous small cassette is made from aluminium, powder-coated and inert gas pistons ensure smooth operation and a very  taut awning cover. The Markilux 730  awning is especially appropriate when the considerable size of a folding arm awning is not practical and for this reason ideal for smaller windows requiring maximum shade, or where there is an insufficient substrate to which the brackets can be fitted.

The piston arms , create a rigid triangle  triangulation of the awning mechanism providing the Markilux  730 awning with  high strength/weight ratio with arm sizes from 80mm up to 1500mm and widths of up to 6 metres, using split covers which are required over 4 metres.

The quality obsessed coffee shop on the corner of St. John’s Hill  meticulously works to bring the best coffee possible to their  customers  SW11 and beyond. They use the best coffee roasters such as Square Mile Coffee and Modern Standards Coffee who source and roast some of the finest green coffee worldwide. Story cater to all tastes, from sweet, full bodied espresso with structured acidity for milk based drinks to aromatic, complex and flavourful single origin espresso and filter coffees.

St John’s Hill is named after St John’s church which is a Victorian Anglican church, designed by John Hargrave  and  built in 1845 on Landsdowne Crescent.