Heating and lighting your awning

Adding infra-red heaters to your patio awning, all weather awning or giant parasol can enhance and lengthen the time you and your friends and family spend outside when you enjoying the benefits of outdoor socialising. The heaters we recommend are directional infra-red heaters which use up to 30% less energy than gas or quartz radiating heaters. Our infra-red heaters ensure warm temperatures in the evening even on days when the summer sun is hiding. Enveloping warmth and subdued lighting are combined stylishly in the special heat and light hotspot integrated systems we offer for awning installation.

These heater/lighting combinations provide a pleasing lighting effect at the same time as comfortable warmth with no heating up phase. The whole is set off within an attractive, unobtrusive housing design in aluminium, powder coated to match the colour of your awning or parasol

The housing is weather and splash proof (IP 24) – the heaters can stay in place all year round saving as much as 30% on energy costs in comparison with gas or quartz radiating heaters.

Heating/lighting systems are available for use with the same remote controllers as those on your awning and, with an average lamp life of approximately 5,000 hours, you will enjoy the up to 2000 Watts of power for season after season.

Environmentally friendly, presenting zero CO2 emissions, heater and spotlight bars have been Installed on most of our patio awning systems including those to the specialist terrace awnings which we recommend when a more all-weather solution is requested. The useful additions of heating and lighting to your awning will provide a relaxing and fun place to enjoy barbeques, especially later into the evening or, even, during the cooler months of autumn.

Autumn – some people love it and think of the glorious colours and mellow ending of the summer, for others of a more negative bent it means a change of wardrobe and a trip to the loft to see if the Christmas lights still work. They won’t – they never do! Americans call autumn “the fall” as a result of the falling leaves. In the United Kingdom we are far more poetic. Our word “autumn” comes from the ancient Etruscan root  ”autu” which has romantic connotations with the passing of the year, then later adopted by the Latin Autumnus used in the Roman era. So their you have it – Fall? Autumn? – no contest.