Kenley commercial awning at The Photobook Café

This Kenley commercial awning, which we have recently installed at the Photobook cafe in Leonard Circus, Central London, is an example of how a large area may be covered by an awning, of the right commercial quality, in one unbroken span. Clearly, to achieve this the awning has to be exceptionally robust, as our Kenley commercial  awning is, but also protected by a sophisticated, automated, motion sensor which will retract the awning if weather conditions dictate such an action is prudent for safety reasons. The Kenley commercial awning is also available with manual controls but this is only suitable for smaller sizes and is rarely specified due to the ease of operation provided by the wireless option. This particular Kenley commercial awning has been powder coated in our own plant to a client specified RAL reference and detail branding to the valance is through the application of graphics, using our RAGS® branding process.

The Photobook Cafe in Leonard Circus is a social hub for all passionate photographers working with film, analogue processes, and anything besides. It is a space for work, chat, study and fun. Customers can drop off or pick up their films, scans and prints or buy some more film for your next shoot. Additionally it is now possible to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or tea and be tempted by a tasty slice of cake. Join Photobook Cafe for book launches, screenings, exhibitions, talks and other events.

Pedestrians and cyclists rule the road in London’s most advanced shared street space, Leonards Circus in Hackney.  The Council used a Dutch design model to transform Leonard Circus, in Shoreditch, into an attractive, people-orientated brick and granite public place. Kerbs have been removed and road markings and traffic signs minimised to de-prioritise vehicles. Motorists at the low-traffic junction are expected to adapt their behaviour, drive slower and give way to those on foot and bike. Trees and seating take centre stage in the new layout, at the junction of Leonard Street and Paul Street, in the nod-to-Continental urban hub.