Greenwich awning with sliding arms

What looks like a conventional, simple, awning we have just installed at the Little Teahouse in Greenwich is, in fact quite interesting. For a start the awning itself is called the Deans Greenwich awning as a consequence of it being manufactured in this very same borough of London. This Greenwich awning has also been installed with sliding arms and the slides for these are the vertical channels you can see affixed to each side of the window. These vertical slides cleverly allow the height of the head clearance to front edge of the Greenwich awning to be at a safe and legal distance despite the limited height and steep pavement slope compromising  fixing.

Additionally, this Greenwich awning has been installed with the unconventional scalloped edge front valance rather that the more commercial straight edge seen generally today. In fact at Deans we have patterns for all sorts of valance shapes from castellated double hemmed, weighted or not weighted, removable or fixed.  This Greenwich awning has been installed with the economical crank handle operation but we offer remote, wireless electrical control and even automatic sun, wind and rain sensors where required. Branding is also possible  through the use of our RAGS® digital branding process ensuring clean, accurate, graphics matching  the client’s corporate style.

The  popular Little Teahouse café is a find of such individual charm and character that it more than merits the stroll up Royal Hill. As soon as you enter you are enfolded by the warm and cosy atmosphere and the intoxicating aroma of freshly ground coffee. The environment is intimate and friendly, with the venue divided into two rooms. Food is all homemade and freshly prepared. Homemade cakes are delicious.

Historic Greenwich, lies entirely within the World Heritage Site and a little of its riverfront buffer zone to east and west. It has been closely connected with English royalty since the 15th century but its pre-eminent architectural heritage is largely that derived from its role as a focus of maritime science, welfare and education from the 1670s onward.

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