Gold Leaf – Incomparable branding for awnings

The Prince of Morocco in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice observed of the beautiful, and wealthy, Portia “All that glisters is not gold”.  This is just one of the numerous sayings and expressions we have adopted in the English language over the millennia, Though in this case we have changed the word “glisters” used by Shakespeare to the more modern, though less romantic, “glitters”. However, when we come to the matter of applying Gold Leaf to our awnings at Deans the gold which we use is undoubtedly of the one hundred percent “glistering” 22 carat variety.

Branding our awnings in Gold Leaf is a process which starts with the digitised setting out process we call the RAGS™ bespoke branding process. The graphic design is then transferred on to the awning fabric and, at this point, the real magic begins.  First of all the fabric has to be made smooth by the application of base layer of pigmented paint, known to gilders as a “bold” coat. This has to dry and be sanded and perhaps another coat applied. After this, gilding size is applied to the appropriate areas and this is what the Gold Leaf will ultimately stick to.

At this point we must cast the magicians cloak over the next part of the process as it is where the gilders secrets are kept but they are essential to obtaining a fine and secure adhesion to the cloth and not ending up with a messy handful of Gold Leaf fingers and much swearing. Suffice it to say that the experts at Deans miraculously transfer the delicate  micro thin Gold fragments to the awning fabric with practised ease punctuated perhaps by some gentle breathing to warm the Gold Leaf to aid the process.

The result on the final awning is truly stunning, as can be seen from the pictures alongside and, more to the point, this lustre will last just as long as the awning fabric itself in all its original “glister”.