Deans Victorian Awnings – The Original!

Deans Victorian awnings have been manufactured by us in much the same way since the company was founded in 1894. Using the very same casting patterns to produce stronger, forged, components and manufacturing methods, unchanged by time, the Deans Victorian is not just a replica, it is “the real thing”. Constructed from environmentally harvested hard woods, Deans Victorian awnings meet the demands of the most exacting requirements of a designer wanting authenticity, or of a town planning department determined to keep their commercial environment safe from the march of unacceptable modernity

However, today we are able to take advantage of some modern technology without compromising the traditional look of Deans Victorian awnings which our clients value so much. The hardwood laths and tackers are carefully hand painted in environmentally sound water-based paint, rather than the rather unpleasant lead based variety used in years gone by. The metal work of Deans Victorianawnings is also treated differently from the way we did back in the nineteenth century as, now, we can take advantage of our very own powder coating plant to finish this part of the awning in a high impact, durable, blemish free way. Our traditional awning fabrics have also come a long way since the standard white cotton duck canvas of years ago to comprise a range of over 300 attractive UV stable colourways.

Whilst we still retain the skills for the application of gold leaf to special order most of the branding we apply to our Victorian awnings today is achieved through the use of our bespoke RAGS® Graphics application process which ensures a definition of design which is impossible to achieve by even the most skilled of hand sign writers.

Deans Victorian awnings – the original is still the best!